Karen West-Whylie

Karen is CEO at the BEC and is also a qualified Chartered Management Institute coach and mentor with a wide and demonstrated history of working in public and private sectors. She has experience of delivering change management, project management and strategic planning.

Karen believes there is a business idea in everyone! It just needs the right mentor to help you see the vision and create the right environment for successful delivery. Mentoring offers the opportunity to unlock potential, to see the art of the possible and to help provide focus and outcomes for people who want to start a business.


She is committed to supporting growth business opportunities in all the emerging industries across London and locally, particularly creative arts. Karen believes passionately that arts and culture can help to drive sustainable business and proactively supports local organisations to achieve this.

Veena V

Veena has 10 years of experience working in the media industry, predominantly as a radio presenter on regional radio stations in Oxford, London and also BBC Essex. At the age of 21 she was named ‘Best Radio Presenter’ by Channel 4 and was the youngest and only woman nominee in her category. 

After struggling with the life/work pressure of being a single mum, Veena set up her own training business helping clients boost their confidence and creativity on youtube. She has worked with international corporate companies to boutique businesses and also filmed social media campaigns for Barclays Bank.

In 2018 Veena was named one of Jacqueline Gold’s top businesses for her networking group Mum To Millionaire which supports women starting a business. You can read all about it here

Natalia Nicholson

Natalia started on her path as a coach and trainer because of her passion to help businesses using her entrepreneurial experience and sprit having truly understood the trials and tribulations of running and sustaining profits of a successful business. What determines the success of each business is unique so each business needs to understand the leads, conversations and sales that are needed to get ahead, regardless of its market sector, this is what fuelled her to become a coach – so that she could coach and train the very people that she is proud to be one of - An Entrepreneur!

​Having created several businesses over the years manufacturing her own line of luxury candles and becoming an online seller as well as offering digital marketing services gives her an understating of what young entrepreneurs are going through Natalia’s overall goal is to reach out and help businesses and young leaders to achieve results and become the best at what they do.

Natalia says:

  1. I am driven and passionate about helping others succeed.

  2. Inspiration is everywhere — from the words of your favourite writer or book to someone that crosses your path every day. You just need to open your eyes and breathe it in!

  3. "Little by little you build your power as practice makes permanent!

Andre Arundell

Andre has first-hand experience being a young entrepreneur having run his own business from the age of 18. Andre has a successful track record in delivering pre- and start-up support for businesses that goes back well over seven years and has successfully delivered a three-year European Social Fund project. Throughout his career he has supported over 2000 participants to start or grow their business.

Andre is passionate about practically exploring the world of business He is inspired by Dr Dre, who has taken his music career into more mainstream business and diversified into merchandising such as Beats Headphones.


The best professional/career related advice came from Andre’s first boss after a staff night out. Andre says, “The next day I was really tired and sleepy, work was really quiet but he refused to send me home, telling me ‘If you're going to play hard be prepared to work hard!’. That has stuck with me always”.

Kathy Ennis

With more than 20 years’ experience of running her own businesses, Kathy has had some amazing highs but also made some costly, time-wasting mistakes along the way. So, she knows what it takes to build a successful business.

Kathy works across all aspects of business but specialises in strategic planning; visual communication; branding and personal brand creation; online and offline engagement marketing; and email marketing.

Kathy is passionate about her husband and cats. In business, she’s potty about planning, systems, processes and automation – the kind of stuff that really makes businesses work. Passion in business is great, and necessary, but passion alone won’t lead you to profit.

She is inspired by any first-time, Mature-Preneur who leaves the relative security of a job or career to start a business; who takes the time to get it right and understands the difference between passion and profit.


The best career advice Kathy has ever received is that you can’t do it all, you can’t do it on your own and you can’t run a profitable business without spending money. So, get a Mentor, set a budget and do what you do best while you outsource the rest.

Community Development winner 2017

Business person of the Year

Karen West-Whylie

Corporate Social Responsibility – Winner

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