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3 Tips to have a successful 2020

The media is full of the roaring 20’s (not flappers and prohibition) more how 2020 will be the start of a year of change for us all in this new decade.

My mantra has always been ‘if you always do what you always did then you will always get what you always got’ or words to that effect …so how do small businesses make 2020 a year of positive change.

Write down your goals

‘A dream with a date becomes a goal! A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan’

I accept that everyone is different some people are night time planners’ others are at their best first thing in the morning, but how you plan will determine how successful you will be.

Train your mind to be in a productive mode from the moment you wake up and you are certainly on the way to an achievable and fulfilled day. Sometimes things happen during the day which means your plans take a back seat as you deal with the emerging situation, on those days write a ‘what have I done’ list which will stop those feelings of inadequacy when you don’t get to the end of your goals.

Start a habit of writing your goals in order of priority and most importantly make sure when you achieve them you tick them off…this is very satisfying and days when you feel like you are getting nowhere this is proof that you are.

Create a powerful belief system

A plan backed by action becomes reality!

Life is so busy for most of us running a business, looking after family and all the other demands we make on ourselves at the start of the new year. Healthy food, more exercise and to manage our time better are frequently bandied around as the most important thing to change in a new year and decade.

I get this, I really do, however its great to be inspired to change habits or plan a business reset, but its worth remembering that the old you has survived every difficult day and every circumstance you could not change. The old you is something to be proud of and that is worth celebrating!


The first step to living and achieving your dream is to believe it and imagine it. When you believe in your mind that you have already achieved your goals, you will develop a sense of certainty. That certainty will lead to action steps, when you know what the outcome is going to be it is much easier to pick out the actions that will get you to that goal.

Invest in yourself

That gym membership you bought, those healthy food boxes you are having delivered and the self-help books that you had delivered are an investment in yourself. However, a fundamental way to invest in your self is to take time out to reflect upon your goals and your plan and what changes can you make to make these a reality. After all, investment in your own growth and self-development is not being selfish it is simply self-care.

So what’s next from us here at the BEC, we know many business owners are uncomfortable about the investment in themselves, it feels selfish or, is not a priority as other issues and people become at the forefront of your mind. Watch this space we are working on a new delivery programme which will help with mindset, goal setting and how to create a new-found reality for your business dreams. We will launch this at the end of February 2020 which gives you a further 10 months to make those goals into a plan, and the plan a reality!

If you are a trainer or a mentor you might be able to help us with this as we are about put a call out for new delivery supporters to help us with this programme.


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