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Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset?

When it comes to entrepreneurship, it’s not what you do but how you think that matters.

If someone asked me what an entrepreneur looked like, I wouldn’t have the answer. Entrepreneurs all look different and come from anywhere around the globe. In fact, if you bumped into one you probably wouldn’t be able to tell. However, what successful entrepreneurs have in common is a mindset the pushes them to keep going.

The concept of being an entrepreneur has definitely changed. We used to think that people became entrepreneurs based on something they did. Now, we tend to see entrepreneurs as people who think in a certain way. This way of thinking is called the entrepreneurial mindset. While the idea of getting to the root of how entrepreneurs think is relatively new, an entire culture of research and scholarship and study is growing around it.

According to Shawn Osborne, President and CEO, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, there are eight parts of the entrepreneurial mindset:

1. Opportunity recognition

Entrepreneurs see and often seek out opportunities. They can learn to see ways to make things better for themselves and others.

2. Comfort with risk

Entrepreneurs learn to weigh and assess risk and become comfortable with the idea they must invest time and resources in unsure enterprises and ideas.

3. Creativity and innovation Entrepreneurs are creative problem solvers. They apply unconventional tools and approaches to existing challenges.

4. Future orientation

Entrepreneurs think about what’s next and take ownership of outcomes. They can be focused on achievement and reaching set goals for their ideas or themselves.

5. Flexibility and adaptability

Entrepreneurs not only learn to change, they expect to. They prepare for and react quickly to obstacles, setbacks and new information.

6. Initiative and self-direction

Entrepreneurs are self-starters and motivated to reach goals. They are more likely to meet a challenge directly rather than seek input or directive.

7. Critical thinking and problem solving

Entrepreneurs are analysts. They can learn to see challenges, opportunities and even products in their component parts. They can make deep assessments accurately.

8. Communication and collaboration

Entrepreneurs are good at sharing. Ideas and input from others spark and drive their progress. They can communicate their ideas clearly and passionately.

If you feel as though you lack some skills, you can always learn and continue to refine them. The best way to do this is to be surrounded by like-minded individuals because you are an average of those around you. Working around business owners who are just as driven as you could be beneficial.

Barking Enterprise recently launched workspaces in BEC 2 and is offering a hotdesking service for £95 per month. You’ll get all the things you’d expect from a shared workspace. You’ll even have access to events, business mentoring and workshops designed to help you grow your business and meet like-minded entrepreneurs.


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