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How to Get Ahead of the Black Friday Marketing Game

Black Friday marks the biggest shopping event of the year so you’d best get your Black Friday marketing strategies ready. Unfortunately, there’s already a ton of noise when it comes to Black Friday marketing campaigns, but here are ways to help your brand stand out.

Branding is key.

When creating Black Friday marketing campaigns, think specific and unique. What can your business offer that’s different? If your shop has a lot of limited-edition, local, or handmade items, for example, focus your promotions around those.

Link up with other businesses.

Partner with other small businesses in your neighbourhood and focus your efforts on a common goal. The greater the number of participating businesses, the more tempting your promotion is for shoppers. This can include planning a joint shopping event which would also cost less for an advertising campaign.

Give back.

Since it is the holiday season, after all, stand up for something. Organise Black Friday marketing campaigns that make a positive difference. In addition to helping your community, it can be good for your business.

Bundle products together.

Instead of selling items individually, create special holiday bundles. Not only do gifts packs make great presents, but they’re also a great way to upsell customers to a slightly higher price point. You could even offer a discount if customers buy a number of related items.

Don’t compete with the early morning madness.

Let your customers sleep in and hit the snooze button, competing against big brands for morning deals is stressful for both your staff and your customers, so save your special sales and promotions for later in the day.

Offer customers gift cards.

Gift cards are a great holiday gift for the indecisive. A survey found that during the 2016 holiday season, 81% of shoppers estimated gift cards to be half of their holiday purchases.

You could also give them an incentive to spend more, by giving them gift cards as a way to say thanks for spending a certain amount, they could use this during the following Cyber Monday. Plus if you don’t place any restrictions on when they can use the promotion, chances are good that they’ll come in again during the holidays, either to treat themselves or pick up some last-minute gifts.

Reward your social media fans.

Growing your social media engagement is important, and content does a lot, but if you want to give your social media accounts an extra boost this holiday season, try incentivising your followers with special discounts.

Offer specific exclusive discounts.

How about offering special discounts to students, senior citizens, other local business owners, or veterans? This is a unique idea that also helps give back to your community and shows that your brand cares about them.

Offer a little help from your elves.

You can go as far as offering free gift-wrapping or a free greeting card with every purchase above a certain amount. Think about how that would save so much time for your customers.

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