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Pros of having a Serviced Office

Whether you’re an SME or big corporation, there are multiple benefits to using a serviced office. Aside from the flexibile packages available, they can also help business owners grow their company.

1. Less downtime – Is your business evolving at a quick pace? Then there should be no time to waste. It’s a good thing that you can move into serviced offices as soon as possible. This can help you prioritize other urgent concerns for the business asap.

2. Short-term leases – Most spaces offer brief contracts, some spaces even offer month long contracts at the very least. This is ideal for businesses looking to remain agile and work in a space that can expand or reduce at short notice, in line with their business plan.

3. Cost effective – If you’re just starting out on limited capital, businesses pay only for the space they need to utilize in a serviced office. This makes saving for future expansion much easier.

4. High-quality facilities – You get all the standard facilities needed to run a business such as fully-staffed reception desks, kitchens, lunch areas, cleaning and maintenance services, and networking spaces. Can you imagine having to deal with all the logistics it would take to care for all these facilities while trying to run your business?

5. Prime locations – Your business gets a coveted address in a Central Business District, without having to pay so much for rent. This is very useful for networking. It gives you a more legit reputation in the vicinity and is attractive to new investors who look up your business online.

6. No building maintenance hassles –You don’t need to worry about the fading of the building paint or call the plumber to fix that leak in the bathroom because your serviced office admin has got you covered. Ah what a relief!

7. Professional administrative support – Wi-fi got cut? The projector isn’t working as it should? Mishaps in the building delaying your work output? Your business gets professional administrative support to help you out with technical problems as well, saving time and effort. It’s also an advantage that these professionals are familiar with the area and can properly assist you with your transition into a new office space.

8. Private meeting spaces – Not quite sure where to host that important meeting with a new investor or partner for your SME? Serviced offices usually come with modern private meeting spaces. Businesses can also access additional pay-as-you-use services and facilities. There are no hidden costs, allowing for easy budgeting. This is especially helpful for SMEs who need to calculate their monthly projections for better decision making on their business’ direction.

9. Free mentoring and business training – Serviced offices also have the option of offering free mentoring and business training. This helps young businesses still in the incubation period build a solid foundation and learn where to go from that point. It’s also a great advantage for employees to learn new skills needed to adapt to the changing needs of their target market.

Think a serviced office is your ideal business space? Visit for more information on serviced offices and free mentoring or business training.


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